Revisions To Courses

For a complete description of course revision procedures, please refer to the "red notebook", i.e., the Guide to Undergraduate Curricular Review and Approval at Montclair State University. The guide is available from either the office of Summer Sessions and Curriculum Administration, 215 College Hall, extension 4352, or from the office of the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs for Curriculum and Instruction at extension 7290.

To alter an existing course, complete the Course Catalog File Report (CCFR) form for the course. These are the forms to be used when altering or deleting courses. A binder containing a CCFR for each approved course is on file in the appropriate department chairperson's office or may be obtained from the office of Summer Sessions and Curriculum Administration, College Hall 215. Make a copy of the form (front side) and complete the information requested on the back.

NOTE: Course alterations must also be completed when changes are made to a Gen Ed 2002, Multicultural Awareness Requirement (MAR) or a Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR) course.