Center for Academic Advising and Adult Learning (CAAAL)

Academic Success Center, Morehead Hall, Room 305
Telephone: (973) 655-4433

The Center for Adult Learning is for adults, age 25 or over, who have obtained a high school diploma or its equivalency and who have not been enrolled in a college/university within the last two years and want to begin or resume study for a bachelor's degree either on a part-time or full-time basis. It recognizes and addresses the uniquie needs of adult learners by providing academic counseling, an Adult Academic Success Seminar, which focuses on adults beginning or returning to college, workshops geared for adult learners, and advisement on how to earn advanced credits through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

The Center for Adult Learning also oversees the Older Adult Tuition Waiver (OLA) Program which is for New Jersey residents, age 65 or over. The OLA program allows students to take courses on a space-available, tuition-waived basis. Students with a high school diploma or its equivalence may take undergraduate courses. Students with an undergraduate degree may take undergraduate or graduate courses, but must pay graduate fees regardless of the course level. OLA students are also available for a degree program by meeting all of the necessary admission requirements.