New Student Experiences

Enrollment Management/Retention Services

Academic Needs Assessment
139 Morehead Hall
Telephone: (973) 655-4476

Academic Needs Assessment (ANA) is responsible for assessment and evaluation associated with initial placement testing in English and mathematics. ANA coordinates and administers the Montclair State University Placement Test to all entering freshmen, and readmitted or transfer students with fewer than 26 transferable credit hours.  It coordinates its testing with Foreign Language and English as a Second Language Testing, and supports the Mathematical Sciences Department in administering the Mathematics Readiness Tests. ANA also monitors the completion of all required developmental courses and coordinates required post-testing in these courses.

New Student Experience
101 Morehead Hall
Telephone: (973) 655-7609

The Office of New Student Experience provides programs that assist new students in adjusting to the MSU Community and offers the support students need to experience academic success in their new educational environement. A highlight of our programs and services include: New Student Orientation, Academic Advising for undeclared students, Counseling for first-year students and the Freshman Experience course.