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Peggy Thompson ’09

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Peggy Thompson 2009
Major: Religious Studies
M.Div., New Brunswick Theological Seminary
Recently licensed as a Minister at Union Baptist Church, Montclair
Program Assistant, Education Opportunity Fund Program, Montclair State University

What led you to study Religion – and why at MSU?
My original intentions were to attend Montclair State University to finish completing my BA in Business Administration, after choosing to put college on hold when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1986. Since I live in Montclair, MSU was the best choice for me. I’ve always known that there was a higher calling in my life but ran from it as long as I could. As I was on my way to class one evening, I had a spiritual experience that reminded me of my calling that just could not be ignored. The next semester I changed my major from Business to Religious Studies.

Which courses and/or professors did you enjoy most?
Dr. Johnson was my all-time favorite. Religion and Social change was one of the courses I most enjoyed. Taking this course with him allowed me to fully appreciate Dr. Johnson the brilliant, compassionate and down to-earth person that he is, as he shared with his class a part of his life’s experiences.

What are you doing now – and how has your study of Religion helped you in “life after MSU”?
I have just completed a five year journey at New Brunswick Theological Seminary earning a Master of Divinity degree and was recently licensed as a Minister. While some of my classmates struggled with what they were being exposed to in Seminary – academically and personally – my Religious Studies journey at Montclair State served as a backdrop that made seminary a comfort zone for me.