About Us

The Office of Academic Success and Retention Programs (ASRP), by providing academic advising, support and campus referral resources, seeks to assist incoming Transfer Students, Adult Learners, Veteran/Military Students, KIPP Scholars, and Upper Division students turn their goal of a bachelor’s degree in to a reality. ASRP also oversees basic skills compliance and time-to-degree progression for all Undergraduate students, along with providing advising support to select student cohorts within the University. Our Office initiatives encompass:

  • Continuing and Transfer Students
    • Juniors (60-89 credits)
    • Seniors (90+ credits)
  • Readmitted Students
  • Pre-College Summer Program (PSCP)
  • Basic Skills Compliance (MATH 071)
  • 6-Year Graduation Cohort
  • Student Academic Progress Program (SAPP)
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals
  • Advising special admit programs (Adult Learners, Senior Citizens, KIPP, Veteran/Military)

The ASRP works collaboratively with all University advisors, faculty, and staff to serve as a proactive resource towards the student educational experience.