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The University Art Galleries' Educational Programs include discussions with featured artists, hands-on workshops for children and adults and special lectures focused on the exhibition programs. Individuals, families plus school and community groups are invited to attend. While some events require nominal admission, many are free.

Educational Program Brochure

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To book a program, please contact the Education Coordinator at 973-655-6941 or email us  using our Educational Programs Request Form.

Program Options

The Galleries' Educational Programs foster vivid connections with visual arts ideas and art-making experiences of lasting value.  Participants encounter rare and unusual art objects in a stimulating art-viewing environment that gives access to a broad range of cultures and art forms. Students develop a capacity for informed viewing as well as a confidence and vocabulary for responding to works of art.

Educational Programs are available as Exhibition Tours and Hands-on Workshops.


Exhibition Tours

Private Group Tours

For school groups, community groups and families -- Private group tours are available on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. To schedule a tour, please contact the Gallery’s Education Coordinator at 973,655-6941 or the University Art Galleries main desk at 973-655-3382.

Self-Guided Tour

For all Ages --  An informational map is provided at the George Segal Gallery main desk as your guide to a sampling of the collections on view.


Tour+Workshop Programs

Tour+Workshop programs are intended for school and community groups,  offering age-appropriate exhibition toursEducation Image 3 and discussions of the Galleries' permanent collection plus hands-on art projects that relate to the exhibitions.

Example Tour+Workshop programs include:

Figure Details Program

For students in grades 4 through 12 --  Using George Segal's works on display in the gallery and the on-campus installation of his “Street Crossing” scupture as departure points, students discuss the artist’s style and the works' impact on 20th-Century art. They  then complete a casting project of their own, based on the human figure as subject matter.

Cosla Collection: Landscapes Tour

For students in grades K through 6 --  Includes a  tour the landscape paintings in the Gallery’s Cosla Collection (on display in the lobbies of the Kasser Theater). Returning to the gallery classroom, they then create their own landscapes from texture rubbings they take of  various natural and synthetic elements.

Cosla Collection: Experiments in Portraiture

For all ages -- Students tour the portrait paintings in the Cosla Collection (on display in the lobbies of the Kasser Theater), after which they complete a blind contour portraiture project and create self-portraits which they take home with them along with a postcard reproduction of a Cosla Collection.

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Guidelines for Group Visits

Information materials and curriculum guides are made available to classroom teachers and group leaders prior to gallery visitations for each program. These materials help prepare participants for their visit and encourage further learning through suggested reading materials, discussion topics and classroom/at-home activities.

While all educational programs are pre-planned, our Gallery educators are willing to work with your group to customize an experience based on your curricular and/or organizational needs.

School and community groups may also tour the gallery without a tour guide, however, an appointment is required.  To ensure a positive experience, self-conducted tour groups are limited to 30 participants per time slot. Self--guided tours are free, however, there is no tour guide or lesson plan for this option.

Education 4For all programs, one adult chaperone per ten students must accompany the group at all times. Chaperones are responsible for enforcing proper behavior in the Galleries.

Groups must arrive at the Galleries at least 10-15 minutes before the scheduled appointment to check in. Students/participants may bring bag lunches to eat in the outdoor, adjacent Kasser Plaza if desired.

Educational Programs typically run 90 to 120 minutes, depending on the ages/grade levels of the participants. Workshop Fees are generally $3.00 per student with a maximum of 35 students per program.

Reservations are required for all school and community group visits. To schedule a exhibition tour and/or workshop, please call the Gallery’s Education Coordinator at 973-655-6941. Be ready with a list of preferred dates and times as well as the name, address, and phone number of your school or organzation and coordinators' contact information.  You will receive a confirmation call prior to your visit, at which time you may discuss any changes and/or special needs requirements.

To book a program,
please use our Program Registration Form. or contact the Education Coordinator at 973-655-6941

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