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The Montclair State University Galleries brings together ideas, perspectives, and dialogues to foster curiosity and shared understandings through art. The University Galleries presents diverse and inclusive exhibitions and programs creating connections that unite the campus experience with the local and global community.


Build Relationships
Facilitate interactions between artists, scholars, curators, and the community, introducing artists from around the world to new audiences, and generating original work and scholarship in the field.

Enhance Interdisciplinary Teaching Through Art
Grow object-based and experiential learning programs. Through collaboration with academic departments, centers, and programs we can use the presentation of art as a jumping-off place for discourse and dialogue across a range of disciplines.

Cultivate Student Engagement
Students are the heart of the university and they should be integrated into all gallery operations including exhibition development, design, collections work, programs, events, and educational outreach.

Make Art Accessible
The University Galleries is an extension of visual arts teaching and learning across campus and beyond the walls of the Segal Gallery, its primary exhibition space. Enhancing a digital presence through virtual tours, video and audio content, collection digitization, upgraded facilities, and accessible space for permanent collections.


Alyssa Leslie Villasenor profile photo

Alyssa Leslie Villasenor

Engagement and Outreach Coordinator

Montclair State established the School of Fine and Performing Arts, now the College of the Arts, in 1969 along with its first gallery space on campus. In 2006, the University committed to creating a gallery with support from the George and Helen Segal Foundation. The George Segal Gallery is University Galleries’ flagship exhibition space providing over 3,000 square feet for displaying artwork, a seminar room for classes, storage and offices. Through generous donations of artwork, the collection has grown to over 4,000 works of art, some of which are on display throughout campus buildings and public sculptures installed across the 252-acre campus.