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Career Services

College of the Arts’ (CART) Career Services is a special unit within the College’s Office of Student Services.  The unit  is dedicated to helping students assess their professional skills and interests; explore careers based on those interests; create strategies for professional development; and succeed in finding a professional direction. CART Career Services will then help you develop a career plan that complements your intended professional direction, taking into account your academic preparation.  Services include individualized consultation and a range of special programs.

Whether you are a freshman undergraduate or a master’s degree candidate, there are steps you can take now to advance your career development by participating in CART Career Services’ advising sessions and career development workshops, and/or using our online interactive tools – all of which are designed to help you:

  1. Learn more about your interests, skills and values
  2. Research careers
  3. Prepare your career plan
  4. Explore professions through Cooperative Education and internship opportunities
  5. Plan for graduate school
  6. Develop job search skills

CART Career Services offers something for everyone at each step of the career planning process.

CART Career Services also cooperates with the University’s Center for Career Services & Cooperative Education which provides a centralized database of opportunities for students and alumni.

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