Installation image of live performance titled To Move Is To Remember by artist Joseph Liatela. Pink lilies cascade from the top of the image, dangling above two people lying on the floor at the bottom of the image. These two people are holding hands, and both wear bright green short sleeve shirts. The background is black and stained with gold pigmented fingerprints.

Nothing Under Heaven by Joseph Liatela

September 13 – December 9
George Segal Gallery

The artist’s first solo museum exhibition brings together new commissions and recent works that explore the need for connection, pleasure, and agency within oppressive systems. Exhibited alongside photography by Andy Warhol (1928-1987) and religious art by Carlo Dolci (1616-1686) from the University Galleries’ collection, Liatela invokes a range of stories to assess what it means to move together, remember together, and repair together.

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Various shapes against a white background including black silhouettes of a head repeated, a magenta lip, a maroon lip, and a blue silhouette of a head, all arranged closely together but not touching.

Case Studies 1: Damien Davis – OLD CURRENCIES

September 1 – December 9
Kasser Theater lobby

Case Studies is a new series of exhibitions in the Alexander Kasser Theater Cases that pairs solo presentations from contemporary artists with objects in our collection, initiated by Director Megan C. Austin and Curator Jesse Bandler Firestone.  Case Studies 1: Damien Davis – OLD CURRENCIES brings together new and recent works by Damien Davis, on loan from Uprise Art, that explore Blackness through symbols, shapes, colors, and digital technology.

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