Detailed Rubric for Written Assignments

History Department: Research Paper Rubric
Course/Section _______________
Name ________________________________________ 

Content (approx. 50% of Final Grade) Points
Significant Topic/Question (0-10 points)  
Sufficient Relevant Evidence (0-10 points)   
 Sufficient Analysis (0-11 points)  
 Factual Accuracy (0-10 points)  
 Historical Contextualization (0-10 points)  
 Organization (approximately 25% of Final Grade)  Points
 First Section: Clearly Present Thesis (0-8 points)  
Intermediate Sections: Support/Advance Thesis (0-8 points)   
 Final Section: Summarize Overall Argument (0-8 points)  
 Style (approximately 25% of Final Grade)  Points
 Ideas Clearly Presented (0-5 points)  
 Ideas Logically Sequenced (0-5 points)  
 Overall Grammatical Soundness (0-5 points)  
 Appropriate Documentation (0-5 points)  
 Proper Citation and Bibliographical Format (0-5 points)  
 Final Point Total  

Final Point Totals – Final Grades:

  • A range:  At least 90 points
  • B range:  At least 80 points
  • C range:  At least 70 points
  • D range:  At least 60 points
  • F:  Fewer than 60 points