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Programs of Study

Programs of Study

History majors should be aware that The Study of History (HIST 100), a foundation course in historical thinking, research methods and writing, should be taken during a student’s first year at Montclair State University. Senior Seminar (HIST 400), a course designed to polish the student’s research and writing skills, is to be taken during a student’s final year at Montclair State and should be preceded by at least 21 semester hours in history including HIST 100. Students may shape a concentration (i.e., American, European, Non-Western) by selecting history electives in a specific area.

History Major
History Major with Elementary Education Certification
History Minor
Public and Digital History Minor

Social Studies Teacher Certification

History Major with Social Studies Teacher Certification

Students who wish to pursue P-12 teacher certification in Social Studies must apply to and be admitted to the Teacher Education program. The Center for Pedagogy strongly advises students interested in Social Studies Teacher Certification to visit their website for the required Professional Sequence of courses and other important program requirements, guidelines, and procedures.

Social studies teachers are expected to have a broad understanding of the multiple factors which help shape society and culture and influence individual behavior. In addition to an appropriate social studies major all Social Studies students must complete a prescribed sequence of complementary social studies course work.