User Training

MMRL Users: Any faculty member, student, post-doctorate, visiting scientist or research staff at the Montclair State University and external research institutions, as well as industrial clients may be a user of the MMRL. Users fall into two categories:

  1. Frequent instrument operators. All students and researchers from the University whose work requires the use of one or more microscopes and the support equipment are encouraged to receive training of the instruments and to do their own work.
  2. Occasional users. Researchers and industrial users who have only a limited need for the facilities will be arranged by the Director of the MMRL. All or portions of the work will be performed by MMRL staff.

A researcher must be trained by the MMRL Director, CO-directors, or EM related course instructors. User will be classified as follows:

  • Learner. Learners may use the instrument during the regular operating hours of the MMRL only be trained and under the supervision of a qualified instructor.
  • Day Independent Operator. Day operators may use the instrument without direct supervision during the regular operating hours of the MMRL. Users are expected to demonstrate an ability to operate the instrument properly and to understand instrument operation well enough to recognize problems when they arise.
  • Night Independent Operator. night operators may use the instrument at any time and will be authorized by the MMRL Director or CO-directors to have a swipe key to access to the MMRL Lab. Users in this category will be expected to be familiar enough with the operation of the instrument to trouble shoot problems, such as beam alignment, sample charge-up.

In order to train new operators in the use of the instruments and other facilities of the MMRL, the MMRL staff will provide instruction and on site operational training to meet the varied needs of potential users. The types of instruction will include the following:

  • Courses in microscopy for academic credit. These courses are offered to graduate and senior undergraduate students who wish to learn microscopy as a research tool. These courses should be coordinated with the MMRL lab staff. As part of these courses, MMRL will be available to assist in or to carry out instruction in the use of specific instruments and facilities. Instructors of all such courses that require the use of any MMRL facilities must schedule the use of MMRL microscopes through the EM website. Requirement of EM material supplies in such courses will be provided by the instructor in advance.
  • Instrumental operation training. This training , offered as requested, is intended to teach the fundamentals of instrument operation. It is primarily intended for faculty, postdoctoral researchers, technicians and graduate students who contact their research programs.
  • Specimen preparation training. This training will be provided to faculty, postdoctoral researchers, technicians and graduate students who wish to learn specific aspects of specimen preparation that are related to their research programs. Training will be offered by MMRL staff on a request basis.