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‘Overindulging’ at Thanksgiving isn’t a Big Deal: Advice from Dr. Evan Matthews

Posted in: College News and Events, Exercise Science and Physical Education

Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving is a time when people worry about their food intake.

But does feasting during your holiday meal make a big difference for your body? According to experts interviewed for a USA Today article, not really.

This is because an isolated event, like a big holiday meal, isn’t likely to disrupt our body’s composition, which does a good job at maintaining itself, explains Dr. Evan Matthews, Associate Professor in the Exercise Science and Physical Education department.

He added, “We don’t gain fat quickly, and we don’t lose fat quickly… The things that are going to most impact your body composition are going to be a lifestyle. If you only over-consume here or there at special events, it’s unlikely that it’s going to make dramatic impacts on your weight.”

He also notes you can also skip your Thanksgiving day workout. Instead, he suggests opting for year-long routine for your health.

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