professor and student using equipment in Athletic Training lab

Exercise Science and Physical Education


The Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education provides preparation through academic programs at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. In addition, the department offers an array of physical activity courses designed to meet the Physical Education requirement in the University’s General Education Program. Our theory, technology, research, exercise science, athletic training, coaching, sports management, and physical education courses are designed to meet the needs of educational and corporate organizations in New Jersey. Undergraduate students are educated in our nationally recognized Physical Education and Health certification program for grades K-12, in our degree granting CAATE certified Athletic Training Education program, and our innovative program in Exercise Science that features internships with the major sports industries in the New York City metropolitan area.

The graduate program in Exercise Science and Physical Education provides students the opportunity to pursue advanced study in the field, and to develop competency in an area of concentration. Concentrations are offered in Exercise Science, and Sports Administration & Coaching.  These programs are designed to cultivate knowledge and skills necessary for conducting exercise programs, coaching in a public school setting or in higher education, and administration of athletic facilities in a community, fitness, educational or professional sport setting.

The Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education offers many opportunities for both students majoring in these diverse areas of study as well as students generally interested in our unique professions. Although the career goals of majors are varied, there are certain common threads. Students tend to be people-oriented, concerned with lifelong physical activity, and interested in general fitness, wellness and business concepts. These characteristics apply to students preparing for traditional careers as teachers, fitness professionals, clinicians, administrators and managers.

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