Our Facility

Constructed in 2005, this Spanish-style building with its red tile roof and white stucco walls has plenty of space for children and adults. The 21,547 square foot building contains two classroom wings, each having classrooms for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and a little gym. As you enter the building you see and feel the warmth of sunlight from the overhead bell tower. A family bringing more than one child only need to deal with one wing and therefore is able to build relationships with everyone within that wing over time.

At the same time, the world of a very young child is a small world, so it is child-sized and friendly. As you walk into the classrooms you will recognize the accessibility of the low self-activating sinks, child size toilets, and paper towels within reach. In designing the center a great deal of attention was given to promoting a child's independence. Our beautiful outdoor playgrounds provide several areas for children to run, climb, jump and play, all the while addressing their physical development. The outdoor areas also serve as an additional classroom, for exploring nature, reading stories, or partaking in a picnic lunch. The children especially delight in the arrival of the train, and it has become our school symbol.

Adult needs are equally well met. Each infant room has a private, quiet area for feeding, and parents are welcome and encouraged to visit throughout the day. A large learning center provides resource materials, as well as a place to hold meetings and social gatherings. We also host classes from the University that want to meet at our site, tour the facility and conduct observations.