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Grants FAQ

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Q: Can I use some of the funds to pay a student or alum to work with me?
R: Yes!

Q: Any advice on what reviewers are looking for in the application narrative?
R: Provide the Faculty Advisory Committee a research rationale; explain how the funding will help you, and a clear connections to the digital humanities. The SBR guidelines may prove useful as a model.

Q: Are Instructional Specialists eligible to apply for these grants?
R: Instructional Specialists have no research expectation; therefore, they are ineligible to apply for this grant funding.

Q: What is the Faculty Advisory Committee’s #1 priority when reviewing grant applications?
R: Reviewers primarily look to see that you outline clearly what makes your project a digital humanities project and how it will contribute to the digital humanities. Reporting expectation for each grant can be found in the seed and project grants page.

Q: I’ve received a CDH Summer Grant in the past, am I able to apply again? OR Can I apply for both a Project and a Seed grant?
R: There are currently no restrictions on how many, or which, grants for which one can apply, as long as the project meets the criteria.

Q: I see a question specific to GIS on the application. Am I required to use GIS technology as part of a grant?
R: GIS is not a requirement for either of the grants. GIS is a tech-heavy application and requires specialized support and with a growing demand for GIS in DH, we’ve asked this question in order to gauge the technical support need.


Q: Does the project need to be completed by August 31, or just the funds expensed?
R: Funds must be expensed before the 10-month contract begins.

Q: Is it expected that the Project Grant award be necessarily tied to a future external grant application or publication.
R: No. However, although the product of the Project Grant is not specified in the call, there is an expectation that some artifact adding to the body of knowledge will be produced.

Q: Does this award support projects at all stages of development?
R: Yes.