Faculty Research

Faculty Research

Mapping Montclair Memories – The Italians of Montclair Oral History Project


Presented by: Dr. Marisa Trubiano, Associate Professor,
Modern Languages and Literature
The subject of this presentation will be the move from the collection phase of an oral history project to making it open and accessible. We are learning how to use new tools like MAXQDA and ArcGIS to allow for the evaluation of oral histories at the clip and segment level. In addition, a tool like ArcGIS will allow us to trace and make visual the Montclair expression of the transnational Italian experience, by mapping connections and memories that defy boundaries of time, space and language. These first steps have proven somewhat “messy” and confounding at times, but always exhilarating, for the way they are helping us chart the project’s future.



Creating an Early Modern French Caribbean Digital Database


Presented by Dr. Julie Landweber, Associate Professor, History

This session will focus on the wide range of projects that are considered Digital Humanities. Projects from Digital Humanities Centers across the globe will be looked at, in diverse areas.



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