First-Year Writing Faculty

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The First-Year Writing faculty are a diverse group of writers, educators, and artists who are committed to the First-Year Writing students at Montclair State University. First-Year Writing faculty come to the teaching of First-Year Writing with joint enthusiasm for the intellectual work of academic writing and for the students that enroll in these classes. We like getting to know students who take College Writing I or II while pursuing a wide variety of majors; it is our pleasure to get to know the world of music, sports, nutrition, justice studies, and biochemistry, to name just a few, by talking with our students and by reading their many essays.

The faculty at Montclair State University recognizes the importance that writing plays in the academic, personal, and professional lives of our students. We are writers ourselves, and we write daily, for many different reasons. We write to share our research and ideas, to communicate our passions and complaints, and even simply to figure out what it is that we think. For us, writing is thinking and thinking is writing. It can be exciting, thrilling, and it can help us achieve our goals, but it is sometimes frustrating, and it can be hard to do well. For us, however, what writing gives to us is far greater than what it takes away from us.

All First-Year Writing faculty are selected for their expertise in writing and pedagogy, and for their commitment to student learning.

Full-Time First-Year Writing Faculty

Dayna Arcurio

Bridget Brown

Claudia Cortese

Bonnie Dowd

Denell Downum

Leslie Doyle

Laura Field

Sarah Ghoshal

Christine Giancatarino

Jennifer Guercio

Emily Hoeflinger

Tavya Jackson

Catherine Keohane

Gerrie Logan

Henry Margenau

Elizabeth Martin

Maria Montaperto

Carrie O'Dell

Shelagh Patterson

Tatum Petrich

Donna Phillips

Jackie Regan

Rick Reid

Jennifer Russo

Shil Sen

Sasha Troyan

Christa Setteducati




Part-Time First-Year Writing Faculty

Melissa Adamo

Jessica Araujo

Karene Ashbourne

Emily Axelrod

Neiha Bhandari

Theresa Borgese

Patrick Boyle

Alyssa Brothers

Jacob Brower

Carole Bruzzano

Maria Calhoun

Quassan Castro

Anthony Chu

Danielle Codey

Brett Conrad

Sara Cooper

Julie Dalley

Jennifer Daly

Meagan DeJong

Catherine DeLaurentis

Lauren Del Piano

William Ehrlich

Ursula Embola

Clifford Evan

Toni Ann Ferraiolo

Tara FitzGerald

Musheerah Gill

Patricia Haefeli

John Hodges

Josephine Horna

Mary Houghtaling

Carolina James

Joanmarie Kalter

Kimpreet Kaur

Amanda Kibler

Michael Laser

Michelle McCormick

Christine McGoey

Michael Mendonez

Katrina Millan

Carolyn Noury

Trina O'Gorman

Denise Patrick

Don Reilly

Rose Reyes-Mckiernan

Patrick Scioscia

Kim Silva-Martinez

Jeffrey Squires

Jimin Seo

Lynette Surie

Boris Tsessarsky

Katie Whitley

Susan Wright