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Public and Professional Writing

Why Professional and Public Writing?

Employers want to hire people with excellent written communication skills. Because all professional fields require some form of writing, the Professional and Public Writing Minor is the perfect complement to any major. You will learn about the various forms of writing you are likely to encounter in the workplace and how to adapt your writing for different audiences and purposes. You will also compile a portfolio of work that you can show to prospective employers.

What can it do for you?

The Professional and Public Writing Minor focuses on writing that serves professional goals or the public interest (or both). We invite students from across the university to focus on writing as a way to develop the critical writing, learning, and thinking skills necessary to all aspects of professional life. Through the minor, you will—

  • Learn how to best meet the needs of your target audience
  • Create professional documents, including proposals, reports, presentations, websites, client correspondence, and digital media
  • Become adept at working in collaborative environments by drafting, editing, designing, and revising documents with others
  • Gain familiarity with a variety of tools used for writing in a digital environment
  • Become familiar with the professional, cultural, and political dynamics of a global workplace


View the requirements in the course catalog.

Contact Prof. Caroline Dadas, Professional and Public Writing minor coordinator, for more details.