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Featured Alumni

Our alumni have accepted positions in a variety of careers. All of them learned how to incorporate effective written communication into their jobs through Public and Professional Writing.

A graduate of the PPW minor

Fabricio Costa / Content Creator, FischTank

“The minor showed me how to get people’s attention with your writing—what to aim for and subsequently what to avoid when writing different pieces for different audiences.”

A graduate of the PPW minor

Nina Rodriguez / Talent and Casting Assistant, MTV

“Communication amongst fellow producers and directors is vital when working in production, as is the ability to compose a script. To be able to communicate my thoughts and creative ideas efficiently through writing is just as important as communicating them verbally. I have the Public & Professional Writing program to thank for enhancing my performance in the television production industry.”

A graduate of the PPW minor

Matt Kinsel / Fieldstone Insurance Group

“Working at a firm that exclusively services hedge funds and private equity firms, I was promoted to Director and head of my own department. This was largely due to my professional correspondence with our clientele, as well as the presentations I would craft, which were shown to major institutions like JP Morgan. The PPW minor has set me up for continued success, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience in the program.”

A PPW alum smiles at the camera

Doron Bryant / Training Coordinator, Blue Apron

“I feel a lot more confident in my writing after taking this minor. I would recommend any student in any major to take some PPW courses and see how it would fit in your future goals.”

A graduate of the PPW minor

Morgan Princiotta / User Experience Designer, xtraCHEF

“I wanted to better my writing. What I got out of it was more than what I expected, better than what I expected. My career path was chosen while in PPW.”

A PPW alum with her arms crossed

Jessica Covert / Program Associate, Cambridge Center for Adult Education

“I have learned how to apply writing skills in professional formats that included everything from email etiquette to digital contexts. A big takeaway skill is audience analysis–being able to determine who your audience is and how to tailor your writing to them–which is so valuable no matter what you are writing.”