Live Lit

Including both Montclair State University writers and visiting writers and artists that are published locally, nationally, and even internationally, Live Lit events provide the opportunity for the MSU community to experience literary performance and engage directly with writers about the creative process. At Live Lit events, typically two or three writers share a stage, first reading their work, and then responding to questions from the audience. Attending a Live Lit event is a wonderful way for students to gain perspective on the writing process. 

 Fall 2018 Schedule

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Collaboration with Liz Gerring Dance

Tuesday, October 16, 1:00, Kasser Lobby
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Collaboration with Segal Gallery

Tuesday, October 11, 2:30, Segal Gallery

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Collaboration with Segal Gallery

Tuesday, October 30, 1:00, Segal Gallery

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Collaboration with CART Production of "The Wedding Band"

Thursday, November 8, 2:30, Kasser Lobby

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Collaboration with Marrugeku's "Cut the Sky"

Wednesday, November 14, 4:00, Kasser Lobby 


Previous Readers & Collaborations 

Melissa Adamo
Emily E. Axelrod
Melissa Balmain
Michael Bross
Nancy Burke
Timothy Charles Browne
Nancy Burke-Toomey
Robin Caine
Craig Chanin
Drew Ciccolo
Nicole Cooley
Claudia Cortese
Megan Cummins
Kathy Curto
Jen DeGregorio
Nico Destino
Lisa Dordal
Leslie Doyle
Shakeema Edwards
Natalie Eilbert

Ann Evans
Caitlin Ferguson
Dinah Finkelstein
Bobby Fischer
Ann Fisher-Wirth
Peter Florek
Richard Fulco
David Galef
Ayesha Gallion
Sarah Ghoshal
Maria Giura
Richard Goffman
Michelle Greco
Kelsea Habecker
John Hodges
Ethan Hon
Heather Katzoff
Mark Labowskie
Joy Ladin
Teka Lark Lo

Elizabeth Levine
Ananda Lima
Henry Margenau
Liz Martin
Nancy Mendez-Booth
Maggie Miele
West Moss
Tara Moyle
Paula Neves
No Dominion Theatre Co.
Carrie Lee O'Dell
Timothy O'Donnell
Michelle Ovalle
Morgan Park
Shelagh Patterson
Trace Peterson
Megan Privitello
Jackie Regan
Jaqui Reid
Rick Reid
Lisa Romeo

Jill Rosenberg
Victoria Russell
Chris Salerno
Roberto F. Santiago
Joanna Scutts
Lewis Seagull
Jim Shankman
The Sonnet Project
Speaking Through Silence
Bryanna Tidmarsh
Nancy Toomey
Vincent Toro
Sasha Troyan
Boris Tsessarsky
Kem Joy Ukwu
Michael Van Calberg
Grey Vild
Julia Wagner
Sarai Walker
Youth, Blood, & Roses
Mia X


For more information or to list similar on-campus literary readings, email Carrie O'Dell at