About Us

The mission of the Department of History is to teach history: a remarkably simple idea often buried under loads of pedagogical jargon. Historians believe that the past is worth knowing, and that the most important wisdom that they can contribute to the education of young Americans is knowledge of where they stand in the stream of time. The Department believes that students must have the ability to think in time, to draw causal inferences from the past, and to understand the complex, sometimes perverse, contours of human development. Students have to recognize that historical materials, by their nature, pose unique challenges of interpretation and use. They must learn how to weigh evidence, quote with proper identification of voice, and use proper footnote form. No department at Montclair State University more fully subscribes to what the Board of Trustees has deemed "the special purpose of ... examining, preserving and transmitting the culture of our society to succeeding generations."

Assessment Report 2009