Annual Bocce Tournament

To kick-off the 2023-24 academic year, the Coccia Institute held its annual bocce tournament, where students learned how to play the ancient sport while also receiving the opportunity to connect and network with members of the greater Italian American community.

MSU students/members of the Amici Club traveled to the East Rutherford bocce court, which has become newly renovated by the Elmwood Park Chapter of UNICO National. This was a first for many students who have never played bocce (and surprised themselves by actually winning a few rounds)!

The feeling of community was alive and truthfully in the air, especially as students had the chance to play and network with local members of the Italian American community. Representatives from Elmwood Park UNICO, NIAF, the Italian Apostolate of the Archdiocese of Newark, and the Italian American Podcast supported this event by also playing bocce alongside the students.

Besides playing bocce, enjoying pizza, and networking, members of the Italian American Podcast then recorded a live episode covering the event and invited Coccia Program Associate, Cristina Latino, to speak on the podcast along other young Italian American leaders on how bocce has become a gateway tradition for the new generation.

The link to the episode of the Italian American Podcast, “Bocce and Other ‘Gateway Traditions’ for Young Italian Americans” can be found here.

A photo album from the event can be found here.