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Dr. Aparna Varde discusses robotics and our future

Dr. Varde spoke with as they reported on the Vex IQ Robotics Tournament in Carlstadt.

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Vex IQ Robotics Tournament
Students from local schools competing with their robots in the Vex IQ Tournament

Students from local schools are poising themselves at the forefront of a robotic future, one that is surely coming in one form or another!

In the future, we are also likely to see more robots perform routine tasks, thus giving humans the potential to focus their time and effort on more challenging activities,” Varde said. “For example, if robots perform many simple routine surgeries, that would provide a cost-effective option, giving human doctors the opportunity to conduct more intensive procedures, and devote more time to medical research.

Dr. Aparna Varde

Competitions like the one put on Wednesday March 28 help introduce students to collaboration and are skill-building, Varde said. Many professors today focus on project-based methods – working with your peers and combining team members’ talents to produce good outcomes, she said.

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