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Student Advising

Visit Academic Advising for CSAM Students to learn about general advising!

To make sure you’re on track to complete your program efficiently, it’s extremely important to see your department advisor. They will make sure you’re taking the right courses for your degree and interests.

It’s a good idea to see your advisor before registration. If you wait until you’re supposed to graduate, you may have missed requirements leading to you having to postpone graduation!


Program Advisor Room Phone
Undergraduate Students Faculty Advisor* CCIS Suite 227/327 973-655-7796
Computer Science MS & Combined BS/MS Dr. Boxiang Dong CCIS 227E 973-655-4093
Data Science MS Dr. Jiayin Wang CCIS 227D 973-655-4230
Information Technology MS & PSM Dr. Vaibhav Anu CCIS 327D 973-655-4362
Cybersecurity MS Dr. Bharath Kumar Samanthula CCIS 227F 973-655-5161

* consult NEST or contact soc-help@montclair.edu to find your faculty advisor

Advising FAQ

Who is my advisor?
You can find out your advisor on NEST, or by checking the Computer Science Department bulletin boards outside CCIS 327.
Computer Science, Information Technology, or Data Science majors not assigned an advisor, contact soc-help@montclair.edu.
How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?
You can schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor by contacting them directly via email. You can find staff contact info in the School Directory.
It is always a good idea to contact your advisor to be sure that they are available. Depending on what reason you are seeking advising, bring the appropriate advising forms to expedite and ease the advising process.
What are the advising forms for, and where can I find them?
All necessary forms for advising, changing programs and credit adjustments are available at the Department Administrator’s office, CCIS 327. Information on where to find forms is available below.
I need to take a course this semester, NEST won’t allow me to!
If you’re unable to enroll in a course, it’s possible the course is closed or you’re missing the necessary prerequisites. You should speak to your advisor to figure out the problem.
I do not have the necessary prerequisites for a course that I need. Can I get a permit into the course anyway?
Prerequisites are built into our programs because the knowledge from those courses are required to succeed in the advanced courses.
Think you have the knowledge necessary to succeed in a course? Schedule a challenge exam with the instructor of the prerequisite course.
If a department faculty member suggests you apply for a prerequisite waiver, forward an email from that faculty member stating this to soc-help@montclair.edu.
The section of a course I want to take is full. How do I get in?
Due to room constraints and limited software licenses for lab courses, we rarely can allow students into full sections.
If you’ve completed the prerequisites for a full course, apply for a course permit/authorization to enroll through Navigate.
CSIT-100 students: We do NOT give permits to enroll in full sections. You should keep checking NEST to see if spaces become available.
I’ve taken a course already that I think should cover one of my course requirements here. How do I get a credit adjustment?
Fill out the Course Evaluation Form, have it signed by your advisor and return to the Department Administrator.
You must submit a thorough description of the course, ideally a syllabus. We need this to properly evaluate the course and make sure it meets the requirements for a credit adjustment.

Advising Forms

Hard copies of advising, changing majors/minors, and credit adjustment forms are in the Department Administrator’s office, CCIS 327. The following information can be provided through Navigate:

Course Permit/Authorization
Request access into a course, or specific section, for various reasons. The department will decide if it is possible to get you into the section you want.
Course Substitution Agreement
Request a course substitution. This is normally used when a course is no longer offered.
General Advising
For students within the Computer Science department to complete before meeting with their advisors. This form will help ensure the student and advisor are aware of what needs to be discussed.
Student Advising Profile
Provides information about you that is useful for advisors.

Completed forms must be returned to the Department Administrator, in CCIS 327. You will be contacted for a follow-up, if necessary.