Here is a list of helpful questions and answers as you transition into our summer program:


Why do I have a summer bill?

Any bill pertaining to the Summer Academy that you receive is automatic from the University. EOF covers the Summer Academy in FULL.

Do I have to attend all virtual orientation sessions?

The mandatory Summer Academy orientation dates are: June 27-July 1st, 3 pm- 5 pm. But we can always make exceptions on the information missed. Some students communicated graduation plans on some days.

I have taken WRIT 105 or Speech in H.S. and receive credits.

Follow up with Dr. Gordon or Dr. Ortiz ASAP, you may need to be exempt from the Summer Academy

How do I upload my immunization/vaccine records?

Click here to learn more.

What to bring/What NOT to bring?

Click here to find out before you pack!

Can I select roommates for the summer?

No, we will assign roommates.

Can we go home after class or leave campus?

No, you must remain on campus during the Summer Academy

When are check-in/check-out times?

Check-out is every Thursday at 12PM and Check-in is every Sunday at 6PM.

When will my fall schedule be completed?

Schedules are completed by your major advisor, they should be completed by the first week of July for the fall semester. If you are undeclared/undecided please contact your EOF counselor to complete your fall schedule.