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How to Submit Immunization Forms

My Health Portal

All immunization documentation (including COVID vaccine) is submitted through the My Health Portal. You must first register with the portal in order to submit documentation (instructions below). Accepted students are given access to the My Health Portal as follows:

  • Undergraduate Students – upon payment of the Admissions deposit.
  • Graduate Students – after the student has registered for their class(es).

Steps for Submission

For your convenience, please consider viewing this video with step-by-step instructions on how to successfully submit your immunizations.

Step 1
Obtain Documentation

Obtain documentation of your immunization history from either your pediatrician, general practitioner, prior school or military service. Immunization Requirements.

Step 2
Register with My Health Portal

Use your University NetID and your CWID number to register with the My Health Portal.

  • Not sure what your NetID Is? Check out the NetID web page
  • Not sure what your CWID IS? You can find it on your acceptance letter beginning with the letter “M”


  • You must use your Montclair State email address when registering in the portal or you will get locked out of the account.
  • The account can only be reset by the University Health Center during business hours.
  • When registering for the health portal, please include numbers only (do not include the M that is located before your CWID).
Step 3
Submit Forms

Once logged into the portal, select “My Forms” from the top menu bar. Complete the all three (3) items:

  • Immunization History
  • Health History
  • Meningitis Survey forms

Remember to choose “Submit” after each form!

Please Note: Complete the Consent for Minors form only if you will be under 17 at time of enrollment.

Step 4
Scan and Upload Immunization Documentation

Scan and upload your immunization documentation (from Step 1) using either the Document Upload tab on the top menu bar or a separate scanner.

  • The recommended scanning app for use via smartphones is OfficeLens.
  • Scanned documentation is required to verify and/or correct the dates entered on the forms.
  • Uploaded pictures are NOT accepted.
Step 5
Complete the Process

You’re almost done!

Your submission process is complete when:

  • The portal forms have been completed and submitted and
  • Your immunization documentation has been uploaded into the portal

Records Reviewed

Your records will be reviewed by the Immunization Coordinator. If there is a problem with your documents you will be contacted via your Montclair State University email account.