Red Hawk Callers Reach Out for Montclair State

Red Hawk Callers in the Annual Fund Call Center

Don’t be surprised if you get a phone call soon from a Red Hawk Caller!These hard-working students make more than 200,000 calls per year to alumni, parents and friends, seeking vitally-needed support for Montclair State’s programs and services.

“I'm interested in reaching out to alumni to hear about their experience at the school and networking with them. I also want to use this opportunity to let people know how great Montclair State is,” said Stephanie Rahn, a sophomore business major. In addition to her job as a Red Hawk Caller, Stephanie works as a Peer Advocate, a steward for healthy lifestyles on campus.

The Fund for Montclair State directly provides students with what they need for a first-rate education — scholarships for bright and talented students, a quality library, new program development, research projects, classroom, laboratory, and other campus facility improvements and enhancements, and many other initiatives. Gifts can be designated to a specific program or academic department.

Demi Washington, a senior political science major, sees her job as a gateway to opportunities. “I want to learn more about myself and see a great opportunity to network with alumni,” she said.

Red Hawk Callers all have unique reasons why they work with the program and bring varying perspectives to it. “I enjoy reaching out to people so I can inform them about Montclair State, a role i also play in my other job as an Admissions Ambassador,” said Michael Sickles, a sophomore theater studies major.

Our hard-working students rely on your support to fulfill their dreams. If you have made an annual gift in the past, please accept our sincere thanks. We hope you enjoy speaking to our students and that you will lend your support to Montclair State through a gift to The Fund for Montclair State. We need your help now more than ever!

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