Inbound Exchange Students

Map of the World Depicting current exchange partners highlighted in red. This includes South Korea, Austria, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Canada, and Australia

Montclair State University is excited to welcome you as an inbound exchange student for the upcoming academic semester. Founded in 1908, Montclair State University is recognized as a premier research institution in the state of New Jersey. The campus sprawls over 252 acres in three different communities and is host to approximately 22,000 students each year. 

As an inbound Red Hawk, you will not only join this lively community, but you will also get to benefit from many of our amenities. Whether it is our fourteen mile proximity to New York City with transportation located just steps from your student housing or the lively downtown scene of Montclair where there are live theaters, art museums, and galleries. Downtown is flush with restaurants, movie theaters, shops, and public parks that attract visitors from all over the region. 

This community provides the grounding for the amazing opportunities that you will have while living at Montclair State University. The Office of International Academic Initiatives has a  longstanding tradition of inviting students from around the globe to contribute to our local community and to leave with a greater sense of global belonging. Whether you are a student visiting for a semester from a partner school in the United States on National Student Exchange to a globe trotter flying fourteen hours across the globe, we welcome you with the utmost excitement as you join us here at Montclair State University.  

What is an Inbound Exchange Student?

Inbound Exchange Students are those who come partnering universities for a semester or year long academic program. These students are enrolled temporarily at Montclair State University for a short term period and will return to their home university to complete their studies and graduate.

Inbound Exchange Students are students that are visiting on semester long or annual exchanges from partnering universities abroad, students who are participating in the National Student Exchange, and those in our Sister City Scholar program. They are not permanent residents of the area and will only live on campus for a pre-determined set of time.

As you navigate your journey as an Inbound Exchange Student, we encourage you to review this handbook with access to information that will help your transition at Montclair State University.

Inbound Exchange Student Handbook 2023-2024

Inbound exchange students are not international students who will graduate from Montclair State University, those who are transferring to the university from a foreign institution to complete their studies, or international candidates on fellowships. 

If you are one of these International Students and need assistance, please visit the Office of Global Engagement website to learn more about their services or contact them here. 



Student Orientation

Three Orientation Leaders in red stand beside tall flags while welcoming students to Montclair State University

Our mandatory orientation provides essential information about your J-1 visa, campus organizations/activities, academic requirements, adjusting to life in the US, and several other topics. It provides a great opportunity for you to meet other exchange or visiting students. As part of your mandatory orientation, we will provide a Montclair State University campus tour. We often plan an excursion into New York City as part of this orientation as well, and information will be shared with you if one is planned for your starting semester.

Contact Information

For general questions and inquiries related to inbound exchange students please contact:

Brooke Klinger,

Coordinators with questions about exchanges can contact:

Jessica Epstein,

For exchange agreements and renewals please contact:

Tim White,