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Welcome to Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)!

COIL is a form of Virtual Exchange developed by the State University of New York (SUNY). The main features of COIL are described under the What is COIL tab. The SUNY COIL Center was founded in 2004 to engage students and professors across cultures to work together on collaborative projects and discussions, making international and intercultural experiences within reach of every student at every institution. – SUNY COIL website.

What is COIL?

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Benefits of COIL*

For faculty and teaching staff

    1. Minimal costs: COIL connects classrooms via the internet so no travel costs for students are necessary.
    2. No credit transfer or curriculum modifications: Assignments are part of an existing course.
    3. Existing support: COIL courses will be supported by a team from the Office of International Engagement and Office of Faculty Advancement
    4. Creative ways for student engagement: You are joining a growing global network of COIL faculty from across the US and around the world to explore creative ways to engage students globally through course assignments. 
    5. Digital competencies: Instructors and students will increase competencies for using technology in practical and impactful ways.
    6. Flexibility: COIL participation can start small and grow. From guest lecturing in your class and your partner’s class to collaborative student group projects, and can lead to actual student mobility and exchange (but it doesn’t have to!)

For students

    1. Connects students to the world, to make new friends and interact cross-culturally while part of your course and their academic discipline
    2. Energizes students to think about their discipline and critically view their course work with a global lens
    3. Motivates students to seek further opportunities to learn about their professional, academic, and career interests and possibilities internationally, including studying abroad
    4. Increases experience working in cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, and international team projects which prepare them for future career opportunities

Why COIL at Montclair State?

Participation in initiatives like COIL help to meet the Montclair State Project SOAR Pillar One: Fostering Student Transformation Objective 1.1e, Objective 1.3 b,c, & f. These objectives state the common community goal of achieving high-impact experiences for students in national and international programs and to deliver “curricular and co-curricular experiences that require teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and decision making, cultural competence, and creative thinking.”

In addition, international virtual exchange programs offer the professional development opportunity of new scholarship, grant opportunities, and interdisciplinary collaborations that enhance your own intercultural understandings and network. 

You can watch our recent presentation to the Montclair State campus community by accessing it at the link here (may need to be logged into your Montclair Google account).

Montclair State COIL Initiative

In recognition of the benefits of COIL for students and faculty, the Offices for International Academic Initiatives and Faculty Advancement have partnered to increase awareness of COIL and support faculty in developing COIL collaborations and projects. The goal is to create excitement and momentum around COIL leading to a culture of COIL across campus.  The Initiative includes:

  • Selecting and supporting COIL Fellows at Montclair State to engage in COIL Professional Development, implementation of a COIL module in AY2021-2022, followed by cross-training within their college or across campus
  • Developing Montclair-State specific resources for faculty/departments interested in developing COIL modules in their classes
  • Partnering with SUNY COIL for access to resources, best practices, international partners, and professional development

Become a COIL Fellow!

At Montclair State, faculty members interested in being a COIL Fellow and developing a virtual exchange module within their existing courses can apply through the Office of International Academic Initiatives for a fully funded seat in a SUNY COIL Professional Development course. Once approved, the faculty member will receive SUNY COIL training paid by IAI and ongoing administrative and curricular support through the IAI and Office for Faculty Advancement.

Application for Faculty Professional Development:  APPLY HERE

(The next round of COIL Fellow applications is expected in Summer 2021 – check back.)

You will be guided in developing a partner profile, finding an international teaching partner, developing co-curricular projects and interactive collaboration between your students and their international peers.

Resources for ALL Montclair State Faculty

Whether you become a “COIL Fellow” or not, all Montclair State faculty members can enjoy access to support from IAIIE and OFA, and benefits of our membership with Montclair State SUNY COIL Center. Please contact:

Example of COIL-Supported International Exchange Courses

Watch an inspirational video of students reflecting on their COIL experience: Devised Theatre Project between Montclair State and Universidad Mayor, Chile taught by Professor Heather Benton, Theatre 

External Resources:

SUNY COIL Center is a leader in the development and promotion of COIL. Through the Montclair State membership, all faculty may access the the following resources:

  • Global Network of Partners (any Montclair State faculty member may join to find a partner)
  • News and Events – Most events are open to faculty of all member institutions
  • Webinars, Videos, Toolkits
  • Professional Development – Montclair State COIL Fellows participate in Professional Development paid by IAI and/or their college. Other faculty may reach IAI to request registration with their own funding. COIL Connect for Virtual Exchange . COIL Connect is “a project of the COIL Virtual Exchange Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation authorized in the State of New York. Our mission is to support the international growth of COIL Virtual Exchange at the institutional level.”

*excerpted from COIL Connect for VE website.

Upcoming events: