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Language Placement

Do You Need to Take a Foreign Language Placement Test?

YES! if…

  • you wish to continue in a foreign language with which you have some experience (even if you have already filled the language requirement with another language).
  • you have AP or CLEP credit in the language that you wish to continue studying.
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NO! if…

  • you are beginning a new language with which you have no experience.
  • you are a student in the Center for Adult Learning (CAL).
  • you are a transfer student transferring three or more semester hours of foreign language credit.
  • you are a non-native speaker of English who has taken the NYU 12 Point Test and has received 6 or more points.

Free Elective Policy for World Languages: See the “FAQs” section.

Incoming First-Year students should take the Foreign Language Placement Test by June 15. Incoming Transfer students should take the test as soon as possible. Students accepted for the Spring semester should complete the test before registering for classes.

If you are still uncertain, click here for further explanation or contact us.