Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to take a test?
In order for all students to have the best experience possible in a language class, it is important that everyone in a given course have approximately the same proficiency. If you place at the third semester level or higher, you only need to take one course to fill the requirement.
I don’t remember anything about the language I took in high school. Can’t I just take 101?
If you graduated from high school less than five years ago, then you cannot simply start the language over again. We do understand your concern, but the language departments try to keep the 101 classes for the true beginners, who have no experience with the language. With that in mind, and since most of our students have had some experience but may not have studied the language for a few years, the second-semester language courses begin with an extensive review of 101. If, during the first week of classes, you and the instructor agree that it is beyond what you can handle, you may ask permission from the language coordinator or department chair for your language to move down a level.
When should I take the test?
If you will be starting at Montclair State in the fall, you should take the test before your Summer Orientation so that you will have the information ready when you register for classes. If you will be starting in the spring, you should take it as soon as you can after you have been accepted.
I speak another language fluently. Should I take the CLEP?
We do not generally recommend the CLEP test, because University policy states that, even if you receive the full possible credit on the CLEP, you still need to take one more course here. The only test we accept for full credit to fill the World Language Requirement is the NYU 12 Point Test.
What is the Free Elective Policy?
Students who wish to take the language courses listed below as free electives must follow the placement policies stipulated under the Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Requirements (see online catalog links to World Languages and Cultures Requirement and to Language Placement Testing) and must meet the eligibility requirements indicated in the course descriptions. Students who have personal or academic experience with any of these languages must take the placement exam. Students may not take these language courses out of sequence, nor may they take more than one of them in the same language simultaneously.
AMSL 101-202;
ARAB 101, 112, 121, 132;
CHIN 101-202;
FREN 101-132;
GERM 101, 112, 121, 132;
HEBR 101-132;
ITAL 101-104;
JAPN 101-202;
PORT 101-104;
RUSS 101-132;
SPAN 101-104, 135;