Language Placement Further Explained

Nearly all undergraduate Montclair students must take the Foreign Language Placement Test.

  • Students who have already had high school or college level instruction in a foreign language must take the Foreign Placement Test before registering for any additional courses in that language.
  • Transfer students transferring fewer than six semester hours of foreign language credits from another institution can continue in the next language sequence course. However, we recommend taking the Foreign Language Placement Test to ensure placement at the appropriate level.
  • Students can use their native language to fulfill degree requirements by taking New York University’s 12 Point Test in his/her language. This test can be scheduled by calling 212-998-7030 or by visiting the NYU 12 Point Test website. Only the NYU 12 Point Test is accepted at Montclair. The testing fee is paid by the student directly to New York University. If all 12 points are awarded by NYU, six points will be used to fulfill the six semester-hour foreign language graduation requirement and the remaining six points are awarded as six semester-hours of transfer credit (free electives.) NOTE: This test is only appropriate and recommended for International Students, students educated abroad, and students that are native speakers of a language other than English.
  • Students in the Center for Adult Learning (CAL) are not required to take the Foreign Language Placement Test, but must still fulfill the Foreign Language Graduation
    Requirement. See the Language Graduation Requirements details.
  • It is possible to complete the Foreign Language Requirement through Montclair State University’s Summer Study Abroad Institutes. For more information, visit the Study Abroad website.