Language Graduation Requirements

World Languages General Education Requirement 2002*

All undergraduate students, regardless of major, must take 3-6 semester hours (s.h.) of the same foreign language, depending upon their previous experience with the language.

  • Students who place at or beyond the third semester level must take one additional course (3 s.h.) in that language, or a course in English about a foreign culture or civilization.
  • Students who place below the third semester level must take two additional courses (6 s.h.) in that language.
  • Students wishing to begin a new language with which they have no experience must take two courses (6 s.h.) in that language.

NOTE: Only elective credit is given for the first semester level (101) of a language already studied in high school or at another college or university.

* Students admitted as freshmen prior to Fall 2002 and those admitted as transfer students prior to Fall 2005, fall under the 1983 General Education Requirements.

To ensure placement at the correct level, all undergraduate students who have studied a foreign language in high school and wish to continue studying the same language at Montclair State University must take the Foreign Language Placement Test. Students in the Center for Adult Learning (CAL) are exempt from taking the Foreign Language Placement Test, but must still fulfill the foreign language graduation requirement.

Please refer to the Montclair State University World Languages Requirement for a list of courses which may fill the requirement.

Foreign Language Placement Tests are available in Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.