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What Is Navigate?

Create a consistent but customized, University-wide academic advising, and faculty and student services communication experience.

Navigate is a student success platform designed to help academic advisors, faculty and student support areas engage with students more efficiently, identify students who need attention and track student behavior trends to more effectively focus resources and initiatives. For more information, review this introduction to the platform and access Navigate today!

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Why Are We Investing in this Technology?

We have many stakeholders across campus who need to engage with students to support academic success and improve retention, but they’re all doing their own thing at the same time. This outreach can feel overwhelming and confusing to students, resulting in white noise. Navigate provides opportunities for faculty, advisors and student service professionals to:

  • Coordinate student engagement efforts
  • Monitor academic progress
  • Close the communication loop
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What Do I Need To Do?

We would like you to spend time in the system to become familiar with the features of the platform that are currently available. We also have trainings for faculty and staff who are first time users and experienced!

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