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Faculty & Staff

What Navigate Can Do For You

Navigate functions we’ll be addressing during this training include:

– Setting up appointments between students and advisors

– Messaging students both individually and in groups

– Running reports that meet your needs

– Executing advanced searches for specific populations of students

– Other topics, as requested

Navigate is designed to help improve the efficiency and impact of communication with your students. Check out our overview of the platform and  review the how to section below to effectively learn how to utilize this important tool as part of your teaching toolkit!

Features & Tools for Instructors

  • Submit alerts for students of concern all on one screen.
  • Advisors follow up with students and give you feedback on their efforts.
  • Campus-wide coordination of outreach means less “inbox noise” and higher impact messaging for faculty and advisors.

Features & Tools for Academic Advisors

  • Easy access to student data that matters most.
  • Keep track of how your students are performing.
  • Reach students quickly with templates and ready to use communication tools.
  • Receive alerts for students of concern.
  • Complete communication loop between faculty and advisors.

Features & Tools for Front Desk Professionals

  • Access student profile information quickly in one place
  • Schedule appointments and access appointment history
  • Streamline the student referral process