Sandi Makofsky '78

            Sandi Makofsky ’78 has achieved one of the most universal goals of students: making a living doing what she loves.

            Makofsky came to Montclair State University, where she majored in Speech and Theater, at the beginning of her junior year. She found the program to be challenging and focused.

            “You had to come in and do practicums,” she recalled of the Theater program. She spent all of her time in the theater alongside her fellow Theater majors, many of whom she remains friends with today.  Sandi loved it and dedicated herself to the program. Through her work on various shows, she found that she was more suited to choreograph and direct than to perform. In this role, her involvement with theater developed toward her eventual career.

 She began her career working with high school and regional theaters in the Montclair area. She met her husband, Michael Makofsky '78, while working on a show. As the family grew, Sandi continued her involvement with theater and started a dessert business. She thanks Michael for his support -- with his help, she's been able to continuously pursue her love of theater through the years.

            Makofsky always enjoyed working with kids. When she was an undergraduate, she worked part-time at a preschool. Later, she started a theater group at a local middle school that still performs today. She always recommends Montclair State University to her high school students. Its close proximity to New York City is incredibly beneficial for students who plan to seek acting and other theater-related careers. Being able to take classes in the city was a great enhancement to her education and one of the biggest reasons why she promotes the school to her students.

            Her daughter, Lee Makofsky ‘05, saw her parents’ success as Montclair State alumni and opted to attend as well.

            Makofsky has worked steadily since she graduated from high school. She credits Montclair State University with providing a rich environment for herself and other Theater students to grow as professionals and performers. Throughout her career, she’s been able to make money doing what she loves. And when you love your job, it never feels like work.