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Jessica Bacon

Dr. Jessica Bacon

Inclusive education, disability studies, educational policy and students with disabilities, postsecondary inclusive programming for students with disabilities

Amanda Baden

Dr. Amanda Baden

Transracial and international adoption, counseling and therapy with the adoption triad, multicultural counseling competence

Susan Baglieri

Dr. Susan Baglieri

Disability studies and inclusive education

Dr. Nicole Barnes

Educational assessment, classroom assessment, teachers’ data use, teaching and learning in urban schools

Joseph Bavazzano

Joseph Bavazzano

Educational technology practices, implementation and professional development

Katy Bulkley

Dr. Katrina Bulkley

Charter schools, urban district reform, educational privatization

Zoe Burkholder

Dr. Zoe Burkholder

History of school desegregation, antiracist education, Holocaust education

Margaret Freedson

Dr. Margaret Freedson

Bilingual education, language development, linguistic diversity in schools, early literacy and reading instruction

Jaime Grinberg

Dr. Jaime Grinberg

United States Hispanic/Latino populations and education, Anti-Semitism, Israel studies and education, and socio-historical, political and philosophical foundations of education.

Dr. Sumi Hagiwara

STEM education, early childhood education, education and immigrant families

Emily Hodge

Dr. Emily Hodge

Common Core standards in education

Reva Jaffe-Walter

Dr. Reva Jaffe-Walter

Immigration and schools in the United States and Europe, nationalism

Photo of Daniel Jean

Dr. Daniel Jean

Educational opportunity and academic development

Michele Knobel

Dr. Michele Knobel

Literacy and digital technologies, new literacies

Tanya Maloney

Dr. Tanya Maloney

Race and racism, anti-racist teacher preparation, social justice education, mathematics education

Carlos McCray

Dr. Carlos R. McCray

Equity and diversity in educational leadership

Joseph Oluwole

Dr. Joseph Oluwole

Students’ free speech rights, students’ rights under the Constitution

Edina Renfro-Michel

Dr. Edina Renfro-Michel

Attachment and clinical supervision, technology in counseling and clinical supervision, technology in pedagogy

Photo of Jennifer Robinson

Dr. Jennifer Robinson

Recruitment and retention of minority students and teachers in elementary and higher education, urban education

Elizabeth Rodas

Dr. Elizabeth Rivera Rodas

Economics of urban education

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Dr. Angela Sheely-Moore

Play therapy

Lesley Sylvan

Dr. Lesley Sylvan

Special education policy, frameworks to prevent school failure, speech-language services in public schools

Photo of Dr Monica Taylor

Dr. Monica Taylor

Secondary and special education, teacher leadership, New Jersey PARCC exams

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