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Faculty Experts

Health, Nutrition and Food

Lauren Dinour

Dr. Lauren Dinour

Breastfeeding, food insecurity, school food policy, public health nutrition

Photo of Charles Feldman

Dr. Charles Feldman

Health and Nutrition, restaurant industry, chocolate

Dana Levitt

Dr. Dana Levitt

Ethics in education, accreditation, counselor education pedagogy

Photo of Lisa Lieberman

Dr. Lisa Lieberman

Adolescent and pre-teen health, effects of smoking

Evan Matthews

Dr. Evan Matthews

Exercise, cardiovascular health, dietary sodium, physiology

Dr. Antoinette Pole

Dr. Antoinette Pole

Food and Politics (pandemic and food; alternative food networks; fish/seafood), Health and Technology, New Media and Politics (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs), New York State Politics, Teaching and Technology

Stephanie Silvera

Dr. Stephanie Silvera

Epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, racial/ethnic disparities in cancer outcomes

John Specchio

Dr. John Specchio

Food safety, security, testing and analysis

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