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Faculty Experts

Business, Economics and Marketplace

Edmond Berisha

Dr. Edmond Berisha

Assistant Professor, Economics

Photo of Patrali Chatterjee

Dr. Patrali Chatterjee

Associate Professor, Marketing

James Di Gabriele

Dr. James Di Gabriele

Professor, Accounting and Finance

Rashmi Jain

Dr. Rashmi Jain

Professor, Information Management and Business Analytics

Devon Johnson

Dr. Devon Johnson

Associate Professor, Marketing

Archana Kumar

Dr. Archana Kumar

Associate Professor, Marketing

Stanislav Mamonov

Dr. Stanislav Mamonov

Associate Professor, Information Management and Business Analytics

Manveer Mann

Dr. Manveer Mann

Assistant Professor, Marketing

seddik meziani

Dr. A. Seddik Meziani

Professor, Accounting and Finance

Photo of Joseph Nicholson

Dr. Joseph Nicholson

Assistant Professor, Economics and Finance

Anish Parikh

Dr. Anish Parikh

Assistant Professor, Hospitality and Tourism

Luis Portes

Dr. Luis San Vincente Portes

Professor, Economics and Finance

Kevin Riordan

Kevin Riordan

Clinical Specialist, Accounting and Finance

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Dr. Jack Samuels

Professor, Marketing

Ron Strauss

Dr. Ronald Strauss

Associate Professor, Accounting and Finance
Chair, Feliciano School of Business

Te Wu

Dr. Te Wu

Assistant Professor, Management

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