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Faculty Experts

Business, Economics and Marketplace

Edmond Berisha

Dr. Edmond Berisha

Monetary policy, income distribution, household debt, open economy macroeconomics, economic forecasting

Photo of Patrali Chatterjee

Dr. Patrali Chatterjee

Marketing, online marketing, consumer behavior

James Di Gabriele

Dr. James Di Gabriele

Business valuation, matrimonial disputes, partner/shareholder disputes, forensic account, forensic economics, tax fraud

photo of Lisa Brooks Greaux

Dr. Lisa Brooks Greaux

Leadership; women, people of color, next-generation leaders, developing C-Suite leaders; diversity as a competitive advantage, human resources, power, developing global talent, talent acquisition, executive coaching

Rashmi Jain

Dr. Rashmi Jain

Big data, data analytics, blockchain, artificial intelligence

Devon Johnson

Dr. Devon Johnson

Healthcare marketing, digital marketing (social media and retail), big data analytics and marketing, financial services marketing

Dr. Archana Kumar

Apparel retailing, branding strategies, consumer behavior, electronic and mobile commerce shopping behavior, cross-cultural consumer behavior

Stanislav Mamonov

Dr. Stanislav Mamonov

Big data, data mining, information privacy, computer security and e-commerce

Manveer Mann

Dr. Manveer Mann

Marketing, consumer behavior, retailing, social responsibility, sustainability

seddik meziani

Dr. A. Seddik Meziani

Exchange-traded funds, emerging markets, frontier markets

Photo of Joseph Nicholson

Dr. Joseph Nicholson

Economics, urban economics, real estate finance, and gentrification

Anish Parikh

Dr. Anish Parikh

User-generated reviews, hospitality, hospitality technology, foodservice

Luis Portes

Dr. Luis San Vicente Portes

Economics, finance, labor and job statistics

Dr. Jack Samuels

Merchandising, marketing, events management and marketing, tourism, theme and amusement parks, theme park companies (Disney), gaming.

Ron Strauss

Dr. Ronald Strauss

Accounting ethics, global financial crisis, Wall Street Values, executive compensation (pay for performance)

Te Wu

Dr. Te Wu

Project management, program management, portfolio management, risk management, agile management, project management office (PMO), strategic business execution, and transformational change

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