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Faculty Experts

Social Justice Issues

Muninder Ahluwalia

Dr. Muninder Ahluwalia

Associate Professor, Counseling

Photo of Yasemine Besen-Cassino

Dr. Yasemin Besen-Cassino

Chairperson, Sociology

Dr. Jennifer Bragger

Dr. Jennifer Bragger

Professor, Psychology

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Dr. Anthony D’Urso

Associate Professor, Psychology

Jason Dickinson

Dr. Jason J. Dickinson

Chairperson, Psychology

Teresa Fiore

Dr. Teresa Fiore

Associate Professor, Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies

Milton Fuentes

Dr. Milton Fuentes

Professor, Psychology

Photo of Jessica Henry

Jessica S. Henry

Associate Professor, Justice Studies

Lindal Khaw

Dr. Lyndal Khaw

Associate Professor, Family Science and Human Development

Dr. Francesca Laguardia

Associate Professor, Justice Studies

Venezia Michalsen

Dr. Venezia Michalsen

Associate Professor, Justice Studies

Nydia Monagas

Dr. Nydia Monagas

Clinical Specialist, Department of Social Work and Child Advocacy

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Denise Yacullo Rodak

Assistant Registrar

Jason M. Williams

Dr. Jason M. Williams

Assistant Professor, Justice Studies

Leslie Wilson

Dr. Leslie Wilson

Professor, History

Tina Zottoli

Dr. Tina Zottoli

Assistant Professor, Psychology

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