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Faculty Experts

Social Justice Issues

Muninder Ahluwalia

Dr. Muninder Ahluwalia

Sikh community, multicultural counseling and psychology, diversity training, impact of racism and discrimination on people of color

Photo of Yasemine Besen-Cassino

Dr. Yasemin Besen-Cassino

Gender wage gap; gender studies; youth, work and labor

Dr. Jennifer Bragger

Dr. Jennifer Bragger

Job interviews, faith at work, work/family conflict and work stereotypes

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Dr. Anthony D’Urso

Child maltreatment, forensic psychology

Jason Dickinson

Dr. Jason J. Dickinson

Child and adult eyewitness memory, forensic interviewing, children’s memory, suggestibility, disclosure of child abuse, investigative decision-making

Teresa Fiore

Dr. Teresa Fiore

Migration studies in a socio-cultural perspective focusing on immigration to Italy, Italian diaspora in the world

Milton Fuentes

Dr. Milton Fuentes

DACA, Latino and multicultural psychology, child psychology, family psychology, pedagogy, motivational interviewing

Photo of Jessica Henry

Jessica S. Henry

Criminal law, hate crimes, wrongful convictions, the death penalty

Kirk Johnson

Dr. Kirk Johnson

Religion and Medicine, Ethics/Bioethics, Race and Medicine, Health Disparities, Physician-Patient Relationship

Lindal Khaw

Dr. Lyndal Khaw

Intimate partner violence, family violence, parenting

Dr. Arnaud Kurze

human rights, youth activism and political transitions with a geographical focus on Balkan region and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Francesca Laguardia

Dr. Francesca Laguardia

United States strategies in the War on Terror, torture, terrorism prosecutions in the United States

Nydia Monagas

Dr. Nydia Monagas

Child abuse and neglect prevention, assessment, and intervention; children and trauma

Daniela Peterka Benton

Dr. Daniela Peterka-Benton

Human trafficking, human smuggling, transnational crime, international crime, right-wing extremism and terrorism, right-wing cooptation, online radicalization, and Austria.

Denise Yacullo Rodak

Veteran and military resources in higher education

Jason M. Williams

Dr. Jason M. Williams

Black Lives Matter movement; race, ethnicity and crime; criminal justice policy; policing

Leslie Wilson

Dr. Leslie Wilson

Environmental racism in New York City, community development, American History, African American studies

Tina Zottoli

Dr. Tina Zottoli

Legal decision making, the guilty-plea process, wrongful conviction, adolescents as criminal defendants

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