Montclair State has "Real Beauty"

Health Promotions teamed up with Campus Recreation, C.A.P.S., and Delta Phi Epsilon to organize this year’s “Body Acceptance Week”. The goal of the week was to promote body image and raise self-esteem among the campus community. On Monday, a Fashion Show was held in the Student Center Ballroom to prove that not all people that are beautiful are a certain measurement. There were approximately 70 models comprised of students and faculty of all shapes, sizes, genders, and ethnicity wearing various styles of clothing. The next few days were filled with discussions about body image and cultural topics along with stress-free activities. Throughout the week there was also an exhibit of mirrors. The ballroom was filled with different shapes and sizes of mirrors each with an inspirational saying written on them. Graduate student, Ryan Fisher said, " [...] regardless of what you saw in the mirror, a positive message reflected towards you."
In addition to the festivities, t-shirts were given out that said "Real Beauty" on the front and Victoria's Secret inspired wings on the back reminding everyone that everyone is beautiful in their own special way.