Outdoor Recreation Programs

Campus Recreation has taken on the initiative to expand its programming to include outdoor activities. We’ve been working diligently on how to make these programs as adventurous and affordable as possible.

Trips in this program will include experiences like hiking, tubing, camping, canoeing, etc. in New Jersey and surrounding areas. Space will be limited for these trips so registering in a timely matter is important to reserve a spot on these high demand trips.

For those students who prefer to experience the great outdoors on their own time we would love to help! We now offer outdoor equipment rentals that include items like outdoor games, beach chairs, a portable barbeque, a cooler, and many other necessary recreational items. Make sure to check out the items available for your next adventure by clicking on equipment rentals.

It would be helpful if you can take our survey by following this link: Outdoor Survey

Your opinion matters when starting up new programs so let your voice be heard!

If you have any questions, ideas, or would like to see other programs in this new area of Campus Recreation, feel free to get in contact with Alex Sperling at sperlinga@mail.montclair.edu.