University Replaces 39 Year Old Carillon

The Division of University Facilities is pleased to announce that it has replaced the University Carillon just in time for Opening Day.

What is a Carillon, you ask?

A Carillon (pronounced kar-uh-lon) is defined as a musical instrument that is typically housed in the bell tower of a church or municipal building.  The last time the University replaced it was in 1975.  Our new carillon, which is located in College Hall, is a g5 Series 2 Electronic model made by Schulmerich Carillons of Pennsylvania- the largest and oldest existing handbell company in the world.

Where the old carillon- a Schulmerich Tymestryke Bell model- was a physically large unit and  capable of playing six programs; the new unit is small and is programmed with 750 songs and the capability for 11,000 songs/voices, including custom songs unique to MSU.  The g5 also comes equipped with campus alert capabilities, including tones, sirens, voice commands, local and satellite speaker components and live microphones.  Modern features such as Campus Alert may augment the University’s existing text and email notification systems through its ability to reach students, faculty and staff who have not opted into those systems or who may not be near their telephone or computer.

This exciting new technology, which will provide the University with an additional resource for which designated personnel may strategize and employ the latest emergency management protocols in use at campuses around the nation, features full networking capabilities. Associate Vice President for University Facilities, Shawn Connolly, praised the cross-functional team which endeavored to ensure the seamless execution of this project: “Once again, we were pleased to continue the interconnected working relationship we have with our partners in OIT to be able to provide this forward-thinking resource to the campus community. Kudos to our staff in Access Control, Electric Services, HVAC and the Carpentry units on a job well done.”