Inside Track: Dr. Frank Alvarez

Dr. Frank Alvarez '76

This is a great time in the University’s history! On September 19, the University kicked off its Centennial Celebration—honoring Montclair State’s remarkable past and promising future.

An alumni association was created in 1911, just three years after the Normal School at Montclair opened its doors to the first 187 students. Our founders recognized, even in those early years, the monumental importance of staying connected to students throughout their lives—to share in their hopes, dreams, successes and struggles long after they’ve graduated.

Throughout the years, alumni have demonstrated great dedication to their alma mater and have been an instrumental force in Montclair State’s success. The University would not be where it is today without the support of its alumni. Likewise, we are grateful for the role the University has played in our lives.

As we celebrate the rich history of Montclair State, we must also celebrate the contributions of its alumni, not only to the University, but also to society. Just as Montclair State has been a leader in higher education, its alumni have been leaders and role models in various professions.

The Montclair State University Alumni Association continues to be an integral part of the life of the University. Alumni contributions enabled the full restoration of the amphitheater, making it, once again, a landmark on the University’s landscape. The MSUAA also contributed $100,000 for the Centennial Celebration—a hundred for the hundredth. The Association is equally proud of its efforts to support scholarship awards to students who have distinguished academics and demonstrated service. This year, our Legacy Scholarship, which provides a full year of tuition and attracts high achieving students whose parents or grandparents also attended the University, was awarded to Colleen Shanagher, daughter of Eileen Arnold Shanagher ’82.

Over the past one hundred years, Montclair State has grown tremendously. Although the University may look different than when you and I attended, its basic core values and nurturing environment are still central to its work.

As you can see, we continue to grow and thrive. You are part of a great tradition—a University that has offered educational opportunities to young men and women for nearly one hundred years. Stay connected and help keep the legacy alive!