Three MSU Professors Receive Fulbright Scholar Grants

Three Montclair State professors received grants this year from the Fulbright Scholar Program: Nancy Tumposky of Curriculum and Teaching, Sang Moon Kim of Economics and Finance, and Fawzia Afzal-Khan of English.

The Fulbright Scholar program is designed for scholars who want to lecture, conduct research or participate in special seminars abroad. Tumposky received a lecturing Fulbright award, which she will use to teach methods and English as a foreign language in January at Comenius University in the Slovak Republic.

Kim received a grant that will allow him to lecture and conduct research for one year in Korea. Kim, who left the country July 1, will teach finance courses at Ankuk University in Seoul. His research involves the analysis of tax incentives offered by the Korean government.

Afzal-Khan, who also was awarded a lecturing and research grant, will leave for Pakistan in September and spend six months at the Women's Studies Institute of Lahore. Her lectures will be related to her work in theater and the women's movement, which coincides with the research she will be conducting for her book, Pakistani Alternative Theater and the Women's Movement.

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