Scholarships Make a Real Difference for Our Students

Natasha Alvarado '13

Scholarships make a huge difference in the lives of Montclair State students.  Scholarship support enables students to participate more fully in the academic, civic, and social life of the University community and helps prepare them to assume leadership roles in society after graduation. Here are four scholarship student success stories.

“My scholarship provided an opportunity to not worry about finances,” says Natasha Alvarado ’13. “Many students fear college debt. My Capital One Scholarship has made is possible for me to pursue my higher education.” She is a junior political science major with a minor in biology.

“I am currently a peer leader at Montclair State and a member of the Latin American Student Organization,” Natasha adds. “I am very involved in my community and serve as a Girl Scout troop leader and as a board member of ASPIRA, a nonprofit Latino organization in Newark. My aspiration is to study environmental law.”

“After winning the Ruth Lewin Scholarship and the Miriam R. Taub Scholarship, I felt extremely confident,” says Sandra C. Medina ’12.  “That impacted the way I saw myself in the classroom and the way I approached my professors. I felt that my hard work and perseverance were recognized. The scholarships gave me the stress-free zone I needed to concentrate only on school.”

“Knowing that someone out there cares about me motivates me three times more to give my best,” she says proudly.  Sandra and Ms. Taub, a graduate of the class of 1970, found that they had many things in common. “Ms. Taub used to live in North Bergen, where I live now, and she also struggled to get an education, especially because she was the first female in her family who wanted to go to school,” adds Sandra. “She wanted to help other female first-generation students.”

Sandra is a native of Colombia and immigrated to the United States when she was 13. She graduated from high school near the top of her class. She is now completing her studies in English education and Spanish literature, and expects to graduate with honors in fall 2012. After graduation she plans to pursue her MA and PhD in Spanish literature.

“The financial support I have received is helping me achieve my academic and intellectual goals,” says Cynthia Retuerto ’13. “As a working and independent full-time student, I am able to focus on my academics rather than on the financial stress associated with tuition payments. I am very grateful for this support and generosity.”

Cynthia received both the Robert Sydney Needham Memorial Scholarship and the Ryan Memorial Scholarship. “I manage to be active on campus and work over 30 hours a week, while maintaining a GPA over 3.3.” Cynthia, a junior, is majoring in business administration with a double concentration in finance and economics.

She also takes pride in being involved in extracurricular activities. Cynthia is a peer mentor for the School of Business, vice president of the Financial Management and Economics Society, a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda Honor Society and Epsilon Delta Epsilon Honor Society, a member of the New York Society for Security Analysts, and a CEO Development Program Trainee at the School of Business. “My career goal is to work as an investment banking analyst for a financial services company,” she adds.

Scholarships aren’t only for undergraduate students. Aryeh S. Love ’13 MBA received the Robert J. Lieberman Advertising Graduate Scholarship. Aryeh is a student in the MBA program with a concentration in marketing. “I currently have a 4.0 GPA in my first two semesters,” he says proudly. “Having a partial scholarship helps me focus more on my studies and success and less on the financials,” he adds.  “It also served as a validation for my hard work and acts as encouragement to keep it up.”

Aryeh currently works at the New York State Society of CPAs as a Marketing Manager.  “My job gives me a lot of opportunities to put my studies into practice,” he shares.  “I am considering ultimately pursuing a PhD in marketing and would like to teach marketing at the collegiate level,” Aryeh adds. “In my education I have seen the benefits of a great professor and feel that I can fill that role for the next group of young marketers.”

As tuition costs rise and state support continues to diminish, Montclair State University looks to individuals and corporate and foundation partners to continue and increase support for deserving students.  For more information on scholarships, please call 973-655-3060 or e-mail