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Stephanie Silvera

Dr. Stephanie Silvera

“We (also) need to remember that while vaccines reduce hospitalization and mortality rates, other public health prevention measures, including mask-wearing and adequate ventilation, that reduce transmission are effective regardless of the variant. We need to layer all of these actions in order to be prepared no matter what comes next.”

Professor of Public Health, Stephanie Silvera, discusses the precautions needed to combat new variants this year with

Dr. Kevin Riordan

“As housing prices increase, people’s ability to buy that house diminishes because you need certain income levels and down payment requirements, so that forces a cohort of people back into the rental market.”

Professor of Accounting and Finance, Kevin Riordan, shared predictions about the housing market trends for this year with Scripps National

Dr. Jason Williams

“This is certainly the year where we will see some sort of police accountability. This year we really need to pay more attention to it.”

Professor of Justice Studies, Jason Williams, shared predictions regarding the social justice movements for this year with Scripps National

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