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Stephanie Silvera

Dr. Stephanie Silvera

“We know that indoor activities are a higher risk, not just for COVID, but also for flu, and so we need to encourage people to get both their COVID vaccine as well as their flu vaccine.”

Professor of Public Health Stephanie Silvera discussed the warning of an imminent surge in cases as temperatures drop and people move indoors with

Ariel Alvarez

“Even if there is a plan in place, [Ciattarelli] could halt the people that implement the plan. He could certainly maneuver things internally so that the plan does not get rolled out as quickly or as smoothly.”

Professor of Political Science and Law, Ariel Alvarez, discussed what will happen to marijuana legalization if Jack Ciattarelli is elected governor with

Amy Tuininga

Our students really care about having a healthy planet, a world where they can thrive. We show them how to incorporate sustainability into their career.”

Director of PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies, Amy Tuininga, discussed the job prospects in the sustainability field with

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