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Stephanie Silvera

Dr. Stephanie Silvera

“I think that it would be really naive not to expect there to be somewhat of an increase in the number of cases. And that will result in an increase in hospitalizations. Simply percentage-wise, we know a certain number is going to end up in the hospital.”

Professor of Public Health, Stephanie Silvera, discusses that NJ COVID cases could rise this holiday season with

Dr. Manveer Mann

“Content creators have been playing a growing role in shaping ‘what is cool. It serves as a two-way communication channel that can disseminate information much more effectively than the traditional forms of marketing communication.”

Professor of Marketing, Manveer Mann, discusses how social media platforms such as Tik Tok are changing the holiday shopping season with

Dr. Archana Kumar

“Payment plans generally encourage consumers to purchase more or purchase a high-price product that they would not have otherwise.

Professor of Marketing, Archana Kumar, discusses how payment plans such as Klarna and Afterpay are attractive this holiday season with

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